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Singing Lessons

I understand learning singing, especially for beginners, can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience. You have high expectations for yourself and you want to sound great as soon as possible. You want to perform and show the people around you your talent. And simply, you are perfectionist, which many of us are.

BUT, all of these mindsets limit you from growing. It stops you from being FREE. If your mind is stuck, your body is stuck, your flow stops and your energy drops. The more you think of becoming good, the harder you can be good. Instead, the nerves make your breathing shallow, your heart beats too fast, you lose touch with your body. 

Let's be real. The harsh way of teaching and learning and so called "hard love" is a relic of the past. I want to offer you this, how about I guide your beginning steps with positivity. How about I ask, "how are you feeling differently now doing this?" instead of saying "You SHOULD do this, or your are wrong." How about I bring out YOUR voice instead of make a voice out of you. It does not mean I have low expectation and standard for you; on the contrary I will always challenge you to boost your growth. But growth is only possible with patience and empathy...

Beginners: You are new to all of this singing thing but you are serious about it ...

You want to build a good intrument but you have no idea how. Well, we will spend a lot of some time together doing vocal exercises, personalised for you, according to your personality, your language and more. This can take a while until we start learning some songs that serve your pedagogical needs. I guide you to understand how the muscles work and I share with you what fun exercises you can do to understand your voice and your body. I offer you different technical focal points. Everyone has different needs; some have natural high notes but has weak low notes, or vice versa. Some people's voices move easier than the other. Some people have a naturally healthier way to talk but some don't. Let me show you what you are naturally good at and what we can work on to go further.


Intermediate: You know something about singing but you are lost now...

You have some form of training privately already. But you are reaching some glass ceilings that you struggle to break through and you want a new prespective. It is more than normal that after some time of study, you feel some thing is not right and your current toolbox is not sufficient anymore to solve those problems. Perhaps  after acquiring some more advanced technical vocabulary you forgot some other important aspects? Perhaps you never heard of those technical aspects before. Let's fix those problems with a new perspective. Feel free to bring the songs you need to work on or you feel stuck. And from there we address the issues one by one. Or if you need guidance in picking the songs that suit you, we can talk about it. 


You want to learn a song...

You love singing, of course. Probably you never really had training but you just love singing. You can sing reasonably fine and you want some help to guide you through the learning of a new song. Maybe you are going to surprise your partner at the wedding? Maybe you want to sing your mom's favourite classics at her birthday party? Perhaps I can check with you if you are good to go!


I offer physical lessons at your home or music studio in the region Rotterdam - Den Haag. Online lessons are also available for people outside this region and on the other side of the world. They will be conducted on Google Meet.

I will come back to you ASAP!

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